Story: The Cow Stalker

Every other Sunday I share a personal story from my travels. It might be silly, sad, or just something random I feel like sharing.

Stalking Highland Cows in Norway

Time: June 2016, 1 AM

Location: Hamarøy, Norway

I’m pretty sure highland cows are the coolest creatures to ever exist on this planet. After sloths. And sharks. And obviously dinosaurs (rest in peace).

When I was driving home from our cabin last summer, I suddenly noticed a whole bunch of highland cows in the woods. I had recently spent 10 days in Scotland without seeing a single one, and now they were so close to my cabin? I almost died of excitement. Literally almost died.

I somehow managed to pull over, grab my camera and I ran down a hill towards them. In soaking wet, thigh-high grass, while wearing sandals. And it was AMAZING. There were so many of them, and they all gathered around me as close as they could like I was Britney at a 90s party.

So. There I was, in the woods all by myself. In the middle of the night, taking pictures while talking to fifteen highland cows for like an hour. That’s when it hit me: I am utterly insane and I should never tell this story to anyone.

Lets keep this our little secret, shall we?

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