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With more than 10,000 NYC restaurants listed on TripAdvisor, picking where to eat in NYC can be quite the task. But don’t worry – I’ll help you choose.

If there is one thing New York City has a lot of, besides flocks of hipsters, it’s restaurants and bars. There is so much to choose from and I’m sure absolutely everyone on this planet could find a favorite spot in a matter of minutes after arriving this wonderful city. The only downside to having all these choices? It can be quite hard to pick where to eat in NYC. But keep reading and I’ll try to make it easier for you.

As NYC is my all-time favorite destination, I’ve experienced my share of amazing food experiences in the city. I personally like a mix of casual spots, street food and nicer restaurants whenever I travel (and letmetellyou I’m no stranger to McDonald’s once in a blue moon either), so the restaurants I recommend are quite variated in aesthetics and cuisine. You might have heard this before, but in case you haven’t: The best food in NYC doesn’t always come from the fanciest looking place. So keeping an open mind in general will enrich your New York City experience for sure. Bon Appétit!

The Butcher’s Daughter

Where To Eat In NYC: With more than 10,000 options, choosing a restaurant in New York City can be quite the task. Let me help you pick where to eat in NYC

Cuisine: Vegetarian, American.
Great For: A delicious & healthy breakfast or brunch.
I recommend: Avocado toast, fresh juice & espresso, yuuuum yum.
Address: 19 Kenmare Street

This trendy place has a special place in my heart as it’s located next to my old apartment from my glory days as a (wannabe) newyorker. The Butcher’s Daughter is very popular among the younger crowds and has a high presence on Instagram to say the least, so it can be quite crowded at times. However, the delicious food, fresh juice and cute interiors make up for any waiting time, in my opinion. Outdoor seating is a huge plus, too!

Refinery Rooftop

Cuisine: American
Great for: Drinks & a meal with an incredible view
I recommend: Their fried chicken sandwich or their sliders
Address: 63 West 38th St

Rooftop bars keep poppin’ up like mushrooms in New York City and I’m not complaining. The city skyline never gets old and what could be better than combining the view with a beer and a good meal?

On my last trip to the city, Maya and I checked out Refinery Rooftop and we really liked this place. It combined a laid back atmosphere with the right amount of class – and the food was really good. If you want to be seated outside, I suggest you get reservations and request it in advance.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Cuisine: American Diner
Great For: A quirky & fun experience for the whole family
I recommend: Their milkshake and cocktails are simply heavenly for any carb lover like myself.
Address: 1650 Broadway

Although I completely despise Times Square and will do anything to avoid the entire area whenever I’m in the city, I always have to go back for one thing: Ellen’s Stardust Diner. This diner is such a fun experience thanks to their amazing singing waitstaff, whom are all aspiring Broadway performers with incredible talent. I always have so much fun here with my friends.

I know some people think it’s a bit overpriced for what you’re getting, but what you’re really paying for here is the impeccable entertainment. The food is greasy and tasty as diner food should be, and the portions are generous. They don’t accept reservations so there can be a bit of a line outside, but the employees do a great job with seating so it usually doesn’t take that long. Besides. It’s worth it.

Bodega Negra

Cuisine: Mexican, latin.
Great for: A late night dinner with a partner or group of friends.
I recommend: Experience #LocoMondays at 10 pm every Monday for an impressing burlesque show!
Address: 355 W16th St

My travel squad and I were invited to a dinner party at Bodega Negra last summer, and boy did it take me by surprise. We were all having such a great time eating delicious Mexican food in this dark and intimate restaurant when some guys suddenly started moving around some tables. Before we knew it there was a burlesque show going on in front of us, on our table. SO fun! The food and drinks are all incredible also, so you can’t go wrong with a visit to Bodega Negra.

TAO Uptown

Cuisine: Asian
Great For: A classy dinner with your partner or friends
I recommend: Crispy Orange Chicken is simply heavenly.
Address: 42 E58th St

I’ll be honest. The first time I visited TAO Uptown it was 100% because Carrie did so in Sex And The City. The thing is, it was an amazing food experience so I keep going back.. Every time I’m in the city. The place is elegant and beautiful, the service is impeccable and the food is delicious. It really is the whole nine yards – all without me feeling like I’m out of place – which is the worst feeling, and not so uncommon in New York City. Definitely worth a visit.

Caliente Cab

Cuisine: Mexican, latin
Great For: Enjoying tasty mexican food and a huge margarita in the sun
I recommend: Their Blue Corn Chipotle Enchiladas, tacos and pretty much all of their huge drinks
Address: 61 7th Ave S

Caliente Cab is the perfect laidback place to enjoy some mexican food in Greenwich Village. It has a fun vibe to it and the employees are always super nice. This area of the city is my absolute favorite in Manhattan, so a stop at Caliente Cab is pretty much mandatory whenever I’ve strolled through Bleecker Street for hours, or after I’ve showed my friends the apartment building from FRIENDS. Highly recommended for a fun time.

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There is currently more than 10,000 New York City restaurants listed on TripAdvisor, how crazy is that? But don’t worry, I’ll help you out by revealing my favorite spots to eat & drink in NYC. #nyc #restaurantsinnyc #foodie #thebutchersdaughter #dininginNYC #NYCfood
Unforgettable Restaurant Experiences in New York City.

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