The Travel Squad Behind


Hi, I’m Tina (aka Manhattanite). The chubby fingers behind this travel blog are attached to my body, so I guess that makes me a travel blogger? I started and luckily for me my friends Sam & Court wanted to join in on the fun!

I enjoy exploring the corners of the world as often as I can, including my own ‘backyard’ in arctic Norway. I hope you’ll join me & my friends on our adventures.



Hi, I’m Sam! I am a Detroiter who loves cats, books, gin and travel! I work as an Executive Assistant at a big ‘ol Detroit company, but the best thing about my job is all the time it allows me to travel.

My favorite adventures include forests, mountains and any city that has a story to tell. I’m super awkward, but there is a good chance I’ll make you laugh. I’ve always got a book in hand and trip planning on my mind.



Hi, I’m Courtney and I like long walks down the wine aisle.

All kidding aside (or am I?)… I’m a yoga teacher and a lifestyle photographer with a passion for traveling that I can definitely thank my parents (and our 7-passenger conversion van equipped with 10” TV with VCR) for. My favorite adventures include hiking, eating and drinking.



Now, you may be wondering how the heck a girl from a tiny Norwegian city ended up starting a travel blog with two best friends from Detroit. You’re not the only one. Wherever we travel together, people ask us how we know each other. And that question never gets easier to answer! Let’s give it another go:

Samantha and Courtney have been best friends since they met in their High School English class and bonded over reading, writing & Starbucks’ Frappuccinos. In 2007, Tina’s childhood friend Frida moved to Detroit as an exchange student and became close friends with both Samantha and Courtney. The following year, Samantha visited Frida in Bodø and was introduced to Tina at a party and they instantly clicked. In 2010, Frida and Tina moved to New York City to attend college, and over spring break they went to Detroit, where Courtney and Tina got a chance to know each other.

Complicated, right? We warned you. Bottom line is that we all have a blast together, and we meet up every chance we get – usually whilst exploring a new country. We hope you enjoy our travel blog!

Happy reading xx