50 Amazing Things To Do In Bodø, Norway

Things to do in Bodø: see the city from Ramnfloget

Planning on visiting my hometown Bodø, Norway, but have no idea what to do once you get there? You’ve come to the right place.

Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and fjords above the arctic circle, the wonderful city of Bodø has so much to offer. It is still a fairly unknown destination to many travellers, but there are actually a lot of things to do in Bodø. Enough to keep you busy for days, in fact!

In this post I’ve gathered my 50 best ideas on things to do in Bodø so that you can find the perfect activities for you. Regardless of if you’re spending a weekend in the city, or you’re popping by for just a few hours on your way somewhere else, I hope you have fun in my little artic city.

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Things To Do In Bodø: 42 Activities & Sights

Lets begin this list of things to do in Bodø with various activities and sights in and around the city.

1. Stroll Bodø Harbor And Breakwater

Get some fresh air while enjoying one of the best views of the city centre. One of the locals’ favorite things to do in Bodø is going for a stroll along the harbor and breakwater, known as “moloen”. This walk is easy to do all year and its a great place to start exploring the city. You’ll often see families and couples of all ages enjoy their afternoon walk, curious locals and visitors checking out a storm, photography enthusiasts trying to catch the sunset, or people fishing from the rocks. The harbor area truly comes to life in the warmer months, when most nearby restaurants offer outdoor seating.

Tip: Stay at Thon Hotel Nordlys or Scandic Havet if you want a view of Bodø harbor.

Things to do in bodø: stroll along the harbor

2. Try The Local Food

A visit to Bodø in northern Norway is not complete without tasting the local cuisine. This region is known for its fresh and delicious seafood like bacalao, grilled stockfish and fish soup, as well as a variety of dishes that include meat of moose, reindeer or whale. Not a daring foodie? No worries, all restaurants in Bodø offer ‘regular’ dishes as well. 5 unique restaurants in Bodø:

  • Ohma Asian Cooking: When you’re in the mood for incredible cocktails and the best sushi.
  • Hovda: Dine and drink at the lovely Hovda boat restaurant for a unique experience.
  • BJØRK: The best pasta and thin crust pizza in town, and their grilled stockfish is heaven on a plate.
  • Hundholmen: Foodies and beer lovers will love this cool gastropub & brewery.
  • Bryggerikaia: Restaurant by the harbor with delicious seafood such as fresh shrimps, halibut and fish soup.

3. Visit Stormen Library

It is impossible to visit Bodø without noticing the white modern building complex, Stormen (“the storm” in Norwegian). Since it finished in 2014, Stormen has drastically changed the city’s appearance and it houses both a library and a concert hall. The library is an absolute must-see regardless of your level of love for books, as it is simply a breathtaking piece of architecture. The library also has its own café, which has a great outdoor seating by the harbor in the warmer months.

Things to do in Bodø: Visit Stormen library

4. Attend A Show At Stormen Concert Hall

Why not attend a show when visiting Bodø? Stormen Concert Hall houses amazing concerts, plays, stand-up and much more on a regular basis. Check out their schedule here. If you’re visiting Bodø around Christmas you should consider booking tickets for one of their amazing Christmas concerts, it is such a magical experience.

5. Sip Champagne At Craig Alibone’s

Celebrating a special occasion or just want to do something fun? Enjoy a glass of Champagne while indulging in sweets at Craig Alibone Pâtisserie & Champagneria, Bodø’s first and only Champagneria! Award winning Craig Alibone creates the most delicious chocolates that look like tiny pieces of art, as well as cakes, macarons and pastries. An absolute must when visiting Bodø. You’ll find it in Torvgata 1.

6. Enjoy Bodø From A Rooftop

If you’ve read any of my other travel guides you know I have this need to see a city from above whenever I travel, preferably with a drink in my hand. My hometown is no exception, and I highly recommend you enjoy beautiful Bodø from above once you’re here. In my opinion, the rooftop restaurant Roast at Scandic Havet has the best view of Bodø, while the rooftop bar Top 13 at Radisson Blu Hotel has the best cocktails. Visit both if you have the chance, they’re both amazing!

Things to do in Bodø: enjoy the view from Scandic Havet

7. Go Shopping In Bodø

In Bodø you’ll have the chance to get some serious shopping done. The most popular shopping area is located in an area called Stormyra, which is a short bus ride, a 5 minute drive or a 30 minute walk from the city centre. At Stormyra you’ll find the largest shopping centre in northern Norway, City Nord, and a ton of other shops. My favorite shopping area however is the city centre. Here you’ll find a more unique selection of shops, cafés, and I enjoy the city vibes so much more than the crowded-mall-vibes. Check out Bodø’s glass arcade Glasshuset, Koch shopping centre, Storgata, Sjøgata, Torvgata, and these unique shops:

  • No14: Interior decor with a nordic twist. Lovely café inside with the best toast and chili coffee.
  • Lulu: Women’s clothes and shoes in high quality brands.
  • Royal Sko Bodø: The best shoe store in Bodø.
  • Noor by M: Women’s clothes, mix of high end brands and more affordable ones. 
  • Fritidsbutikken: The perfect place to go if you’re looking for souvenirs or outerwear.
  • Fretex: Second hand clothes, shoes, furniture and decor.
  • Studio EBN Store: Sustainable luxury handbags made from salmon leather, a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise not be used.

8. Get The Perfect Bodø Souvenir

Although keychains and fridge magnets are great, why not get a more authentic souvenir before leaving Bodø? I recommend purchasing something a bit more fun like Arctic Salt (salt from Saltstraumen), a local Bådin beer from Gulating beer shop in Glasshuset, “the Bodø fish” jewelry collection from Opal Gullsmed, or a beautiful art print from Gunderssons Design Shop. (Gunderssons make Bodø mugs and t-shirts too!) Or maybe a piece of art from one of the mentioned galleries below? This way you’ll support small local businesses and get a souvenir that will actually be used.

9. Explore Bodø’s Street Art

Ever since the traveling art festival UpNorth was held in Bodø in 2016, locals and visitors of the city have been able to enjoy several pieces of impressive street art while walking the streets. Leave it to fate and see which ones you stumble upon, or do a self-guided street art tour using the map from Visit Bodø here. My favorite pieces are the ones pictured below.

10. Taste Møsbrømlefse

When you’re in the mood for something sweet and savoury you have to try the classic (and somewhat strange) Salten speciality møsbrømlefse. It is basically a heated and folded flatbread with a mix of melted brown cheese, butter, syrup and sour cream inside – yuuuuum. Try one at Melkebaren (except on Sundays), Café City Nord, Aga Mat in Glasshuset or Kjelen Kafé in Saltstraumen.

11. Go To A Cozy Café

If there is one thing Norwegians truly love to do, its to enjoy a a decent cup of coffee at a cozy café, preferably while indulging on delicious pastries like cinnamon buns or the mentioned møsbrømlefse. In fact, we love coffee so much up here that Norway has the second-highest coffee consumption per capita – right after our neighbours in Finland. Must be those cold winters, huh? Bodø has a great selection of cozy cafés you can visit. My favorites are Brødrene Berbusmel, Babel, Samvirkelaget and the mentioned Melkebaren.

12. Hike To Hovdsundet Beach

Hovdsundet is a secluded double beach located only a short drive from the city centre. Its undoubtedly one of the most Instagrammable places in Bodø and hiking there is a fun experience. You’ll get to see you some of the best sights this region has to offer, including the beautiful Auvika beach, turquoise ocean as far as your eyes can see, and gorgeous mountain views in every direction. If you’re lucky you might even get to see an eagle or two on your way.

Read More: How To Hike To Hovdsundet Beach

13. Experience The Northern Lights

Bodø is a great destination for experiencing the northern lights in winter. Although there are never any guarantees (you’ll need clear skies and solar activity, both out of human control), Bodø is located within the aurora belt, a belt-shaped area centered on the magnetic north pole where the northern lights occur most frequently. Northern lights can be seen in this part of Norway between late September and mid April, but historically we know that the best time to see northern lights in Norway is in October, February and March.

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14. Have Fun At Bodø Actionhall

Head over to Bodø Actionhall in the city centre if you’re looking for a fun time with your family or friends (ooor if you’re looking to escape the notorious Bodø weather). Test your break-out skills in one of their Escape Rooms, work up an appetite before dinner by playing a round of laser tag or reball, or try their newly opened miniature golf. A fun time guaranteed!

15. See Saltstraumen, The World’s Strongest Whirlpool

A 30 minute car or bus ride from Bodø you’ll find Saltstraumen, which is both the name of a world-known strait, as well as the community surrounding it. In Saltstraumen you can see the world’s strongest tidal current in action, and its one of the things to do in Bodø that you cannot miss! Every 6 hours or so, when the flow of the tide passes through the narrow strait between Skjerstadfjorden and Saltfjorden, the forces at play create fascinating whirlpools everyone should experience for themselves.

Read More: A Guide To Visiting Saltstraumen

16. Go On A RIB Boat Adventure To Saltstraumen

If you want to feel the forces behind the whirlpools of Saltstraumen instead of just watching them from a safe distance at land, you can book a RIB tour here. It is known as the ultimate way to experience Saltstraumen and the nature surrounding Bodø. Not sure it it’s worth the money? Let this video persuade you.

17. Learn About Stone Age & Viking History In Saltstraumen

Saltstraumen also has an interesting history from both the Stone Age and The Viking Age. It is one of Norway’s oldest documented settlements and people have been living by the strait for approximately 11,000 years. Visit Saltstraumen Museum if you’d like to learn more about local history in the area. The museum is small, yet informative, and they offer guided tours all year round if you book in advance. You can also see the oldest musical instrument in Norway there.

18. Get A Stone Age Dining Experience

If you’re traveling with a group and book in advance you can get a stone age dining experience at Tuvsjyen, close to Saltstraumen. Enjoy a storytelling session and taste a delicious Stone age casserole with herbs, vegetables, and local reindeer or fish. Other activities can also be arranged along with the dining experience, like archery, stone oven baking, guided tours or fishing. Read more here.

19. Visit Bodø City Museum

A great museum worth visiting is Bodø City Museum. There you can learn a lot about Bodø and the region through the years, Sami culture here in the arctic, the different types of fish and underwater creatures you’ll find here, and much more. You can also see the largest ring brooch known from the Viking Age and Iron Age with your own eyes. The building is worth the visit itself; built in 1903, the building is one of the oldest buildings in the city, one of the few that survived the WWII bombings.

20. Visit The National Museum Of Aviation

One of my favorite things to do in Bodø since childhood is visiting the Norwegian national museum of aviation. Here you can learn a lot about both civil and military aviation history in Norway, and you get to see for yourself how World War II affected the city of Bodø and the rest of the country. The building itself is shaped like a giant propeller, and the museum is built on the site of the airport built by the Germans during World War II – how cool is that? My favorite part of the museum is everything WWII-related, the U-2 plane from the CIA, and the lovely gift shop.

21. Visit A German Bunker From WWII

Although it rarely gets any attention in the press, documentaries or historic movies, there was actually a lot going on in northern Norway during World War II. Bodø was largely affected and the city itself got bombed to shreds. In addition to the mentioned aviation museum, you can learn more about how the war affected Bodø by visiting Bodø’s War History Museum. It is technically only open for a few hours on Tuesdays and Sundays, but the guys behind it also set up tours on demand. Admission is free for children and cost only 50 kr for adults. You can also book a tour of Bremnes Fortress and the city’s largest bunker! Send them an email at krigshistorisk@gmail.com to book.

22. Visit Nyholmen Skandse

Right across Bodø harbor lies Nyholmen, one of my favorite spots in the city. At Nyholmen you get the best view of Bodø skyline and the fjord, all while exploring an old fortress. The fortress is called Nyholmen Skandse, and it was built in 1810 during the Napoleon war to protect the city from British ships. Check out a drone footage of the fortress here. Nyholmen is located a ten minute drive from the city centre, or an hour long walk each way if you don’t have access to a car.

23. Golf In The Midnight Sun

Golf pro or not, experiencing a round of golf in bright sunlight during the night should be on everyone’s bucket list. At Bodø Golfpark you get the chance to cross it off your list, all while enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean. The golf park is located a 15 drive north of the city centre, towards Mjelle and Kjerringøy.

24. Travel Back In Time At Løp Farm

A 15 minute drive north of Bodø city centre lies Løp Farm, a well preserved traditional farm, which is open for visitors. Enjoy walking around the buildings, some of which are several hundreds years olds, or book a guided tour to learn more about the people who lived there back in the day. Due to its location you can combine a visit to Løp Farm with a hike to the mentioned beaches Mjelle or Hovdsundet, or mountain hikes like Steigtind, Finnkonnakken or Litltind.

25. See Bodø From Ramnfloget

Rønvikfjellet is the mountain closest to the city centre of Bodø. It consists of several little summits you can hike, with Keiservarden being the most popular one. Although Keiservarden is a lovely peak with a 360 degree view of Bodø and the rest of the Salten area, I personally find that the view of the city itself is more impressive from Ramnfloget. The trailhead is easily reached by walking for 45 minutes from the centre or taking bus number 3 to the Ramnfloget stop. From there its only a 15 minute hike to the top! Trail map: here.

26. Watch A Soccer Game

The local soccer team Bodø/Glimt is one of the best teams in Norway. Catch a game at Aspmyra Stadion if you have the chance, it is such a fun experience! Or watch the game from the city’s best sportsbar, Sportsbaren. In November 2020 Bodø/Glimt took the gold in the national league, creating buzz internationally. Even the New York Times wrote about these incredible guys!

27. Go See A Movie

Go to Fram Kino in the city centre if you want to relax with a good movie for a few hours. You’ll find the entrance is in Glasshuset, but you can check out their listings and prices in advance here. Although its not custom to dub English speaking movies in Norway, like you might experience in southern Europe, all foreign-speaking movies have Norwegian subtitles. Animated movies are usually shown in both English and Norwegian, so make sure you book the right one. “Norsk tale” means that the spoken language in the movie is Norwegian, while “Engelsk tale” means that its in English.

28. See Bodø’s Red Beach, Mjelle

Another beautiful gem you need to see in Bodø is Mjelle, a beautiful beach located a 20 minute drive (plus a short hike) from the city centre. Locals frequent this place to relax and have fun with their friends and family, enjoying the beach with Mjelletindan mountains surrounding them. Mjelle is a great place to have a bonfire, go for a cold ocean swim, watch the sunset or enjoy the midnight sun during summer, or even camp for the night. Often the beach gets a red layer of sand, which is a really cool sight. I mean, songs have been written about this place for a reason! The hike from the parking spot is easy and takes roughly 10 minutes each way.

29. Go Sea Kayaking

The coastline of Bodø and the entire Salten region is filled with clear arctic water, beautiful beaches, archipelagos, wildlife and other coastal gems, making it an unique destination for sea kayaking. Experienced kayakers can rent single or double kayaks from the reputable local business Even Keel, while inexperienced travelers can book a fun and safe guided kayak trip instead.

30. Spot A Sea Eagle

Spotting sea eagles is a fairly common experience in Bodø. In fact, approximately 20% of the world’s white-tailed sea eagle population is located in Nordland county, most of them in Bodø and the Salten region. With a wing span up to 2,25 meters and weight up to 8 kilos, they are a really cool sight! If you’re lucky you may spot one while hiking or hanging out in Bodø, or driving across Tverlandsbrua bridge near the city’s garbage dump (I once saw 18 of them there). To improve your chances of seeing one, and to make more of an experience out of it, you should book a sea eagle safari.

31. Visit Sjunkhatten National Park

Northeast of Bodø lies one of Norway’s 47 national parks, Sjunkhatten nasjonalpark. The easiest way to reach it from Bodø is by driving either northeast (towards Mjelle and Kjerringøy), or southeast (take a left when you’ve crossed Tverlandsbrua bridge and follow signs to Vatnet). Experience the park by hiking one of the many mountains what are located in it, like my mentioned favorites Steigtind, Finnkonnakken and Litltind. If you’re not up for long hikes and/or are traveling with kids, I suggest my childhood favorite Heggmoen instead – a child friendly and easily reached area, where Kulpen is the local’s favorite spot.

32. Go Fishing

An avid fisherman or just interested in trying fishing for the first time? Bodø has a ton of options for those who want to fish, regardless of your level of expertise. Bring, buy or rent a saltwater fishing rod and test your luck on by the breakwater (“moloen”) in the city centre, in Kjerringøy, in Saltstraumen, or pretty much anywhere by the shore. Another popular option is fishing for salmon in Beiarelva, one of Norway’s best salmon rivers, which is located an hour from Bodø. You can also book a guided fishing trip for the ultimate northern Norway fishing experience:

  • From Bodø city centre: Book a guided deep sea fishing trip here.
  • From Kjerringøy: Book a guided ocean fishing tour on a skippered fishing boat here.

33. Go Snorkling Or Diving

Want to have a peek at the exciting world underwater as well when you’re visiting Bodø? Go snorkeling or diving in Saltstraumen with NORD&NE for the most unique experience, and see the impressive marine life below the surface with your own eyes. Underwater life in Saltstraumen was actually featured on BBC’s “A Perfect Planet”, so make sure to check out the ocean episode if you want a sneak peek.

34. Hike A Summit

One of the best (and most popular) things to do in Bodø is hiking, preferably to the top of one of the city’s many mountains. I swear, nothing compares to the feeling of reaching a summit after hours of hard work, and enjoying the view with a cup of coffee in your hands. Pure bliss! Hikes like Bestefarvarden, Keiservarden or Ramnfloget are great for the less experienced hikers or if your time is limited. For those who are more experienced, who seek a little more thrill or simply have more time on their hands, I recommend hiking my favorites Finnkonnakken, Litltind or Steigtind.

Things to do in Bodø: hike Finnkonnakken

35. Relax At A Spektrum Wellness Centre

Head to Spektrum Wellness Centre if you want to truly relax on your trip to Bodø. This beautiful place has nothing less than six saunas, an indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, an ice grotto, tropical rain forest showers, and much much more for you to enjoy. You also get access to Nordlandsbadet indoor water park located in the same building! Undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Bodø, especially after a day of hiking in Bodø.

36. Go On A Gallery Round

There is a handful of galleries you can visit in Bodø. Have a look, enjoy the sights, and who knows – maybe you’ll stumble a piece you just have to bring home with you. You don’t even have to be an art enthusiast to appreciate the beauty of an art piece from this region. Six galleries in Bodø to check out:

37. See Bodø’s Churches

Religious or not, exploring a city’s churches is always fascinating when traveling. Bodø city has at least two worth visiting; Bodin Kirke and Bodø Cathedral. Bodin Kirke is the oldest church in the city and it was originally built in the 1200s. It is located in Bodøsjøen, close to the Jekt Trade Museum, and is unique sight. Bodø Cathedral lies in the middle of the city centre and was built in the 1950s, after the original cathedral didn’t survive the WWII bombings. Don’t miss out on the WWII memorial within the tower.

Things to do in Bodø: see the WWI memorial at Bodø Cathedral

38. Visit The Jekt Trade Museum

Visit Bodø’s newest museum, the Jekt Trade Museum. I haven’t been there myself yet, but I can’t wait to go and learn more about the history of the important jekt trade in Norway. Its a great museum for anyone interested in history and ships. An added bonus is the museum’s location by the shore, which provide visitors with an amazing view of Saltfjorden fjord, Børrvasstindan mountain range and Sandhornet mountain at Sandhornøya Island.

39. Pop By The Duck Pond

A short walk from the mentioned Bodin Church lies the most charming duck pond, simply called Andedammen (“the duck pond” in Norwegian). Here you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and watch the adorable ducks slowly swim by. The pond is surrounded by several wooden benches, white pavilions, tiny wooden bridges, and traditional barn-like buildings in red. Such a charming area!

40. Have Fun At ‘Royal Bowling & Biljard’

Pay a visit to ‘Royal Bowling & Biljard’ at Radisson Blu Hotel to enjoy some bowling, pool, shuffleboard, air hockey and more when you’re in Bodø. Its a great place for couples, a groups of friends or families to visit in the afternoon, but at night they serve both beer and wine and its mostly adults hanging out there. Its also a great place to begin a fun night out before you hit the bars in Bodø!

41. Check Out The Nightlife In Bodø

Although my hometown has a relatively small selection of pubs and bars, the quality of them is great. If you want to check out the nightlife in Bodø I recommend DamaDi, Hundholmen, Gulating and Hovda – my favorite bars in town. If you’re visiting Bodø during the warmer months you also have to enjoy a beer outside, preferably in the midnight sun. Us Norwegians love enjoying a beer outdoors so much we even have our own phrase for it – “utepils”!

42. Taste Some Local Beer

Tasting some local beer from the Salten region is a must when visiting Bodø. Either get a beer from the grocery store, the liquor store Vinmonopolet or Gulating beer shop in Glasshuset and enjoy it out in nature, or ask for local brews when when hitting the bars of Bodø. One of the most popular brews from Salten comes from Bådin Bryggeri, whom name each beer by a location in the region. So why not try a “Kjerringøy” beer while visiting Kjerringøy, or a “Saltstraumen” beer while admiring the Saltstraumen whirlpool? Bådin also set up events and brewery tours from time to time.

Bådin Bryggeri Saltstraumen beer

Things To Do In Bodø: 8 Amazing Day Trips

The last 8 of the 50 things to do in Bodø on this list consist of amazing half-day and day trips from Bodø you can take.

43. Try Dog Sledding In Misvær

A wonderful thing to do in Bodø during the cold winter months is going dog sledding in Misvær, a charming village located approximately an hour outside the city centre of Bodø. I mean, what could possibly be more fun than spending the day outside in stunning landscapes with a bunch of adorable (and hard working) dogs? Once you’re there you can decide if you’d like to steer your own dog sled, enjoy the trip as a passenger – or both. An experience for your bucket list, for sure.

44. See Svartisen, Norway’s Second Largest Glacier

If you want a unique experience you should consider doing a day trip to Svartisen, the second largest glacier in Norway. It is located a 2-3 hour drive south of Bodø city, along the scenic Coastal Highway FV17. Once you get there you can simply enjoy the sight of the blue glacier in the distance, or you can book a guided trip and experience it up close, climbing it and everything! I’m planning on experiencing Svartisen this summer and I cannot wait. A true Norway bucket list experience.

Photo credit: Nordland Turselskap

Photo credit: Ivar Sandland (left), Jan-Stefan Knick (right)

45. Visit Beautiful Kjerringøy

Spend a day or half a day visiting Kjerringøy, a beautiful peninsula located less than an hour north of Bodø city centre by car/bus and ferry. A trip to Kjerringøy is like traveling back in time, and its one of my absolute favorite things to do in Bodø. Visit the best preserved trading post in northern Norway, hike stunning mountains, indulge in delicious local dishes, swim or relax at one of the gazillion white sandy beaches you’ll see there, go fishing, try river canoeing or sea kayaking, and much more.

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46. Climb Norway’s Third Hardest Summit

If advanced climbing is your thing you should consider booking a guided climb to Strandåtinden in Kjerringøy. It is Norway’s third hardest summit to climb, and for a country with (what seems like) endless summits, it really says a lot. Although I’m waaay too much of a wuss to climb this one myself (hopefully I’ll dare to sometime in the future) it sure looks like an experience of a lifetime! Check out a video of the climb here.

47. Visit The Blood Road Museum

One hour and 15 minutes from Bodø city by car lies the chilling Blood Road Museum. At the museum you can learn about the brutal fate of thousands of prisoners of war who was sent to Norway from eastern Europe under the German regime during WWII. Forced to build roads and railways under extreme and inhumane conditions, many prisoners never returned. Although a visit there is never easy, its an important part of history worth learning more about. Read more about the museum here.

48. Go Caving

Did you know that Nordland county in Norway is the area in Scandinavia with the best possibilities to go caving? There’s a ton of caves to explore up here, and one of the coolest ones has to be Svarthamarhola located about an hour from Bodø. Svarthamarhola has challenging routes for daredevils, and a spacious main route for claustrophobics like myself. I went a few years ago and it was an incredible experience, especially considering its one of the few grottos in Europe that has a glacier inside! If you (or anyone in your travel group) don’t have much experience with caving, you should definitely book a guided caving adventure for your own safety.

Things To Do In Bodø: Go caving

49. Drive To Sulitjelma, An Old Mining Village

An 1,5 hour drive from Bodø lies the charming old mining village Sulitjelma. Often referred to as Sulis, this place is a popular weekend destination among locals both all year round, and there is so much to do. Admire the colourful wooden buildings from the 1800s in Jakobsbakken, hit the slopes of Sulitjelma Fjellandsby, go cross country skiing, visit the 400 year old Sjønstå farm, hike Suliskongen – the highest peak in Norway located north of the arctic circle, visit Sulitjelma mining museum, look for street art, try heliskiing, or chase the northern lights.

50. Go On A Road Trip To Gildeskål

I recommend everyone to go on a road trip to Gildeskål, a stunning municipality not far from Bodø where my maternal grandmother grew up. Catch the sunset from Langsanden beach on Sandhornøya island, climb Sandhornet mountain – which you can see from the centre of Bodø, visit the beautiful Gildeskål church site – which includes a church from the 1100s, hike Finnesgjuran and Finnesfjellet, or pop by Ureddplassen – a war memorial and iconic public toilet combined (yup, you read that correctly).

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