13 Things To Do In Trondheim, Norway

Looking for things to do in Trondheim? Here are 13 of my best tips – whether you’re visiting the city for a day, a weekend, or longer.

After living in Trondheim for three years, it was inevitable that Norway’s third-largest city climbed up the list of my favorite cities. Trondheim is both strikingly beautiful and charming, a city with soul that has incredibly much to offer both locals and visitors.

Trondheim is also just the right size – big enough that there’s plenty to fill your days with, but also small enough that you can cover most of the city’s highlights in just a few hours if you’re only stopping by for a quick visit.

On this page, you can find some of my best tips for different things to do in Trondheim, whether you’re visiting the city for a day, a weekend, or even longer. Enjoy!

13 things to do in Trondheim, Norway

1. Visit Nidaros Cathedral

The majestic Nidaros Cathedral in the center of Trondheim was begun around the year 1070 and was built over the tomb of Saint Olaf. Nidaros Cathedral is one of the foremost examples of Gothic architecture in the Nordic region and is well worth a visit when in the area. During the summer season, guided tours are offered in Norwegian, English, and German.

By also stopping by the Archbishop’s Palace near Nidaros Cathedral, you can see archaeological findings from the site as well as the royal crown and the rest of the Norwegian crown jewels in the Royal Regalia Exhibition.

2. Explore the neighborhood of Bakklandet

Bakklandet, renowned for its charming atmosphere and distinctive architecture, is in my opinion the coziest neighborhood in all of Trondheim. Bakklandet is comprised of delightful cobblestone streets and beautiful wooden buildings painted in all the colors of the rainbow, with charming cafes, restaurants, and shops lining its paths.

Here’s what you shouldn’t miss in Bakklandet:

  • Stroll across the Old Town Bridge and enjoy the beautiful view over the Nidelven River
  • The world’s first and only bicycle lift, Trampe
  • Antikvariatet: A music café & book bar where concerts and other cultural events are often held
  • Baklandet Skydsstation: Enjoy good food and drink in old-fashioned surroundings. Here you’ll find a selection of over 350 types of aquavit.
  • Den Gode Nabo: A cozy pub right by the Nidelven River with crooked walls and a warm atmosphere.
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3. Visit Kristiansten Fortress

A fifteen-minute walk east of Bakklandet (and up a hell of a hill), you’ll find Kristiansten Fortress, Norway’s best-preserved tower fortress. Built in the 1600s, the fortress has a fascinating history. Among other things, it saved the city from Swedish conquest in 1718, and during World War II, it was used by the Nazis.

However, it’s not just history enthusiasts who will enjoy a visit to the fortress. In my opinion, it also offers the very best view of Trondheim and Trondheimsfjorden. Highly recommended!

Read more at visittrondheim.no

4. Rockheim

Are you interested in music? Then you must visit Rockheim, the national museum for popular music. The museum is located at Brattøra in Trondheim and consists of both temporary and permanent exhibitions. One of the most popular main exhibitions is the Time Tunnel, where you get insight into cultural history from the 1950s to the present day, decade by decade.

Read more at rockheim.no

5. Experience the city from a kayak or SUP

For those who want to experience the city in a slightly unconventional way, you can try kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) along the Nidelven River and see Trondheim from a unique perspective. It’s a pleasant activity whether you’re traveling with friends, your partner, family, colleagues, or alone.

Read more at trondheimkajakk.no

6. Go shopping

Trondheim is a great city for shopping, offering a nice mix of popular chain stores and more unique niche shops. Just by staying in the Midtbyen neighborhood, you’ll find a bit of everything within a relatively small area. Here are some places to shop centrally in Trondheim:

  • Thomas Angells gate (also known as the umbrella street)
  • Nordre gate
  • Olav Tryggvasons gate
  • Trondheim Torg
  • Byhaven shopping center
  • Solsiden shopping center

Fet a full overview of the shops in Midtbyen

7. Relax by Marinen

Idyllically situated by the Nidelven River, just south of Nidaros Cathedral, you’ll find Marinen: a former defense site now used as a recreational area. On sunny days, this is the city’s gathering place where locals, students, and tourists alike relax, enjoy a picnic, or read a book. During the summer, you might also stumble upon a festival or other cultural events here.

8. Visit Tyholttårnet and see Trondheim from above

Want to experience Trondheim from a bird’s-eye view? Visit EGON Tårnet, a restaurant located in Tyholttårnet, a telecommunications and radio tower on Tyholt. Here, you can enjoy a meal 75 meters above ground while the restaurant rotates 360° in an hour, providing you with a complete panoramic view of the entire city. This can be particularly exciting for those traveling with children.

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9. Spend time at Solsiden

A visit to Trondheim is never complete without a stop at the lively district of Solsiden. Once one of Norway’s largest shipyards, this popular area now attracts locals and visitors alike to enjoy the afternoon sun, a meal, or a couple of outdoor drinks at one of the many dining establishments. In winter, the dock becomes available to the public as a free skating rink.

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10. Do a fun activity indoors

Come up with something fun indoors If you need a break from the rain, sun, or cold, it’s good to know that there are plenty of indoor activities to do in Trondheim. Here are some suggestions:

11. Go on an excursion to Munkholmen

A historical gem in Trondheimsfjorden. Munkholmen is an island in Trondheimsfjorden, about 2 kilometers straight out from Trondheim. The island has a rich history and has been used as an execution site, monastery, fortress, prison, and defense facility. Today, Munkholmen in the summer is a popular destination for the city’s residents and visitors alike.

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12. Go for a stroll or a hike

Even when you’re on a city trip, it’s good to clear your head now and then. In Trondheim, you have many options when you feel like taking a stroll, both centrally located and less central alternatives. Among the most popular walking trails is Midtbyrunden, an easy 5.9 km walk where you follow the water around Trondheim’s city center. Ladestien is another centrally located option, where you can experience historical churches, fresh sea air, and wildlife as you walk.

More tips for walks and hikes in Trondheim

13. Check out local art

Trondheim has many great galleries to visit for those interested in art. How about grabbing a coffee to go and taking a little gallery tour in Trondheim? Here are some suggestions:

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